ALMA RESORT construction update July 2017

Up to this point, the contractor has already completed 100% structural work from 1 st floor to lower roof floor of the South Tower. The contractor also completed 60% steel work and formwork at upper roof of lift motor room, staircase and the service room. They are doing the remaining staircase work at 13 th floor and cleaning work before handover.

Regarding the North Tower, the construction team completed pouring concrete 22 columns from 10 th to 11 t and 70% formwork of section 1 of 11 th floor. They are installing the steel work and formwork for slab and lift core at section 1 of 11 th floor as well as continuing with the staircase work at the 3 rd and 4 th floor.

In the next month, the contractor will finish constructing the upper roof and start the brickwork at the South Tower. The North Tower will be continued with the steel work, formwork and concrete work for 11 th floor to the roof before starting the brickwork.

In order to prepare for the construction of the villa clusters, the contractor completed 20% filling work at part of fill area in front of the two towers. The grading work of villas platform 1 and 4 were implemented 80% and 10% respectively. The team also achieved 20% cutting sand work at sand dune nearby the beach.
With an aim to facilitate the experience of customers when enjoying the accommodation after the resort comes into operation, ALMA is constructing the mock-up room and has completed the foundation and structure frame including ground beam, ground slab, columns and roof. The room is currently in the process of installing brick wall and waterproofing and will be soon tendered for fit-out work, MEP work, windows and balustrades.

ALMA RESORT construction update May 2017

South tower have completed the 12th floor slab and proceeding with columns and formwork for the last 13th floor which is planned to finish on 5/6/2017. The contractor will then proceed with the actual roof structure with a planned completion on 20/6. Also for the south tower we are progressing with internal staircases and plan for completion on 20/6/2017.

The north tower has now completed the 7th floor slab and we are progressing with columns, scaffolding and formwork for the 8th floor slab, which is planned to be completed on 15/6/2017. Moreover, the North tower is proceeding with the internal structure and four emergency staircases.

ALMA RESORT construction update March 2017

Getting back to the bustle working spirit on the construction site from the long holiday, ALMA would like to update the construction progress up to March 2017.

Workforce is steady with a total on site of 250 including supervision and management. We are working days and nights to keep with with completion of structures for the end of July.

During the last month, ALMA has finished the forth, fifth and sixth floor of the South tower. At the same time, the second floor slab which is also the first guest floor of the North tower with complicated engineering structures is also completed. Currently, our constructors has started building the following floors for both structures.

Furthermore, our contractor is currently preparing the basement platform and plan to start the actual structural work at the end of March. We have also commenced the final grading of the entire site which is a part of our main infrastructure package and we shall therefore shortly see that we bring levels from the main road up to the future reception area, lifted 12m up from the actual main road.

ALMA RESORT construction update January 2017

During the very last days of 2016, unusual heavy rain caused many damages to the Central part of Vietnam and Nha Trang city, leading to a temporary interruption in the construction of the project. Despite the unfavourable conditions, our contractors continued their effort and utilised any even smaller period with dry weather. Thanks to the dedication and hard-work, we have been working double shift in order to recover from the rain. Just before the most important Tet holiday in Vietnam, we have fully recovered and are on track for completion of both structures in the end of July. Currently, we have finished the third floor and forth floor slab of the main building before Tet holiday comes close.

Constructed a little later than the South Tower, the North Tower has completed the first floor while the workload of the second floor slab has reached 50% before Tet holiday. After the holiday, we will continue with the upper floor fully dedicated to apartments. Up to this point, customers when visiting the construction site can easily visualise the actual units with its balconies and corridors.

It is planned that in this April, a complex structure with many details and the slab will eventually be extended all the way over to the South tower. Currently, we are able to see the clear V-shaped structures from above. We have also tendered for Internal wall, windows and are just completing our tender for the site wide infrastructure; all important works there will start after the TET period.

ALMA RESORT construction update December 2016

With a hard-working spirit, ALMA’s construction team under the management of the Project Director Jorgen Juhl is working regardless of days and nights to bring ALMA’s dream into reality.

According to the original T-shaped design, ALMA resort appears majestically in the beauty of nature, embraced by sunshine and dreamy ocean. However, in order to ensure the splendid seaview from every apartment, the design was changed into V-shaped structure. During the last months, every member of the construction team including many architects and engineers from the US, Singapore and Vietnam have always paid a great attention to every detail of the project to make sure that all the steps are perfectly done. We believe that you deserve to have a luxury relaxing days with your beloved ones, like the way other families in the world have been experiencing for many years.

Under the harsh weather, workers in the blue shirts are immersing themselves in the work, preparing for grading on site. 1,3m m3 soil was moved on the site. Original dune along the beach was lowered from +29m to +6m while the low level where our main building is located was lifted from +8m to +17m. Work transferred site level from its original conditions to resort design levels. The earthwork was our first major work on site to transfer a 30-ha-land into resort design levels condition.

The next stage is constructing Piles. Piles is the deep foundation for our main buildings. Piles are casted in 22m dip drilled holes in the ground. More than 450 piles was installed on the lifted platform for main building. The total length of all the piles installed is 8.600meters. Prior to installing the actual piles, test piles was installed and loaded with massive weight in order to check settlement of piles was as per engineer’s specification.
After finishing the piles, the contractor continues with columns for the first floor slab. Steel is extended on top of pile cap to form the reinforcement of the columns. Metal formwork is then places to form the actual column and form will be casted with concrete during nighttime. Upon curing of the concrete, the form will be removed and finish column is exposed – Each block has 44 columns with a diameter of 950mm.

Upon completion of columns, a massive scaffolding is raised and formwork for the first floor slab is installed and filled with reinforcement prior to casting with concrete. The first floor slab is approximately 4000m2. Scaffolding and formwork is maintained for 28 days until the concrete has cured and obtained its maximum strength.

On top of first floor slab the massive 9m height columns is installed and casted. Proceed is same as basement columns but due to the height of the columns they are casted in two steps each 4,5m

After the 9m columns has been exposed on the first floor slab, the 9m height scaffolding is erected to carry the formwork for the second floor slab. We are in process of installing reinforcement and plan to cast the actual slab on December 16 and December 25. Upon completion of the second floor slab we will continue with guest unit floors and plan to reach 4th floor slab before we close for Tet holiday on January 20.

We have been troubled with heavy rain the last couple of days but now it cleared up. South-tower note the last 9m column in progress, cores are coming up in 3 steps. Beams nearly installed for the second floor slab and then to follow with steel for slab. Rain is forecasted to continue so December 16 casting is a few days out. North tower – note zone 1 is ready for casting and progress with steel cages for the last zone 5 – also note the first basement columns now in progress. General note the cut out in our platforms due to the heavy rain.

With a desire to bring the best values to Vietnamese family, the whole ALMA’s construction team is working hard days and nights, regardless of unfavorable weather conditions to build up a love-filled nest for your family. Thank you for your trust and being our companions. You are our greatest source of inspiration to pursue our dream of giving you happiness and joyful moments. Join us and watch our way to completion as each day goes by!