On 10th October 2017, ALMA construction team and representatives from some contractors participated in the topping-out ceremony of the main building of ALMA resort on Bai Dai, Cam Ranh, Khanh Hoa province.

The main building consists of two V-shaped towers; each has 13 visible floors and 1 connecting basement. Thanks to the novel design by Ong&Ong (Singapore), all apartments of the main building has a spectacular sea view towards Nha Trang beach and a refreshing ambiance.

Being considered as the heart of the resort, the main building is one of the most important parts that ALMA has always concentrated on since the beginning of the project. With a complete dedication to work and the cooperation with renowned contractors in the industry including TURNER, INVECO, DURACONS, etc., ALMA officially celebrated the topping-out ceremony of the main building in the afternoon of 10th October, marking a milestone in the whole construction process of ALMA resort.

The ceremony took place with the participation of representatives from TURNER, which is also the project’s board of management, INVECO and DURACONS. From TURNER, there are Director of the Board of management – Mr. Nicky Heys, Project manager – Mr. Tran Duy Quang and Construction manager – Mr. Benjamin Servais. From INVECO, there are Mr. Pham Ngoc Dung – Director and Mr. Le Van Thong – Project manager. Finally, Mr. Huynh Trung Nghia from DURACONS and all members from the construction team.

On behalf of the Board of Management and TURNER, Mr. Nicky Heys expressed his honor to have a chance to cooperate with other contractors in building ALMA resort and emphasized that the topping-out ceremony is an important milestone and is the beginning of many achievements which will soon take place on the construction site.

Turner is one of the largest builder in the U.S, which provides comprehensive management services through the development, design and construction phases of general building projects. With more than 100 years of experience in the industry, TURNER has undertaken many renowned projects in the world. Recently, TURNER has been appointed to manage construction of ALMA resort. The representative from the company reveals that they have established a strong roadmap from now until the handover of the project. In the coming year, there will be many progressions so that the resort will come into operation as scheduled.

ALMA RESORT construction update July 2017

Until July 2017, the South Tower of the main building has been constructed to the lower roof floor while the North Tower has reached 11th floor. Next month, the construction team will finish the upper roof, start the brickwork and prepare for handover the South Tower. The contractor is also working on the filling and grading work for the construction of villa clusters and other parts of the resort. At the same time, the mock-up room is being built and will be finished soon to help Owners have a better imagination about the accommodation in ALMA resort.

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ALMA RESORT construction update May 2017

South tower have completed the 12th floor slab and proceeding with columns and formwork for the last 13th floor which is planned to finish on 5/6/2017. The contractor will then proceed with the actual roof structure with a planned completion on 20/6. Also for the south tower we are progressing with internal staircases and plan for completion on 20/6/2017.

The north tower has now completed the 7th floor slab and we are progressing with columns, scaffolding and formwork for the 8th floor slab, which is planned to be completed on 15/6/2017. Moreover, the North tower is proceeding with the internal structure and four emergency staircases.

ALMA RESORT construction update March 2017

Getting back to the bustle working spirit on the construction site from the long holiday, ALMA would like to update the construction progress up to March 2017.

Workforce is steady with a total on site of 250 including supervision and management. We are working days and nights to keep with with completion of structures for the end of July.

During the last month, ALMA has finished the forth, fifth and sixth floor of the South tower. At the same time, the second floor slab which is also the first guest floor of the North tower with complicated engineering structures is also completed. Currently, our constructors has started building the following floors for both structures.

Furthermore, our contractor is currently preparing the basement platform and plan to start the actual structural work at the end of March. We have also commenced the final grading of the entire site which is a part of our main infrastructure package and we shall therefore shortly see that we bring levels from the main road up to the future reception area, lifted 12m up from the actual main road.

ALMA RESORT construction update January 2017

During the very last days of 2016, unusual heavy rain caused many damages to the Central part of Vietnam and Nha Trang city, leading to a temporary interruption in the construction of the project. Despite the unfavourable conditions, our contractors continued their effort and utilised any even smaller period with dry weather. Thanks to the dedication and hard-work, we have been working double shift in order to recover from the rain. Just before the most important Tet holiday in Vietnam, we have fully recovered and are on track for completion of both structures in the end of July. Currently, we have finished the third floor and forth floor slab of the main building before Tet holiday comes close.

Constructed a little later than the South Tower, the North Tower has completed the first floor while the workload of the second floor slab has reached 50% before Tet holiday. After the holiday, we will continue with the upper floor fully dedicated to apartments. Up to this point, customers when visiting the construction site can easily visualise the actual units with its balconies and corridors.

It is planned that in this April, a complex structure with many details and the slab will eventually be extended all the way over to the South tower. Currently, we are able to see the clear V-shaped structures from above. We have also tendered for Internal wall, windows and are just completing our tender for the site wide infrastructure; all important works there will start after the TET period.

ALMA RESORT construction update December 2016

In the final days of December 2016, on ALMA construction site, the very first stages of the resort are being constructed.

According to the design, the main buildings of ALMA resort was transformed from T-shape into V-shape. The amendment plays an important role in shaping the architecture of the resort as well as enhancing the harmony with the natural surroundings. Thanks to the amendment, all the apartments and villas in the resort will have a marvelous view over the sea.

In order to prepare for the grading on site, 1.3 million m3 soil was moved on the site. Original dune along the beach was lowered from +29m to +6m while the low level where our main building is located was lifted from +8m to +17m.

Piles work is conducted under a strict supervision. All stages from installing test piles to the installment of actual piles are done in a cautious manner. More than 450 piles with a total length of 8.600 meters was installed on the lifted platform of the main building. In order to speed up, the construction team have casted the form of actual columns during nighttime. After that, the first floor slab, which is approximately 4000m2, is casted prior to the installment and casting of the massive 9m height columns on top of the first floor.

Despite the disadvantageous weather and usual heavy rains, every member in ALMA construction team have always been dedicated to ensure the quality and progress of the resort. Before being officially on Tet Holiday on 20th January, it is expected that the South Tower of the main building will reach the 4th floor.

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ALMA RESORT construction update December 2016